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Make your trip with friends and family by hiring our 12 Passenger van rental which will provide plenty of space for everyone and the ease you require for a smooth trip. No matter if you’re planning a trip for a family or group trip or a team-building trip, our 12 passenger van rentals are a great option for comfort, flexibility, and value.

Not only that you can also hire a 12 passenger van for all types of events such as weddings, birthday parties, and anniversaries to pick up and drop off your guests and friends. If you are going to welcome and see off your friend or family member our 12 passenger van rental at all Airports of United States can be the cost-effective way for airport transfer with family.

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Features of 12 Passenger Van rental Boston

Four Doors to Facilitate Access

Our vans with 12 passengers have four doors, allowing easy entry for everyone. With standard doors on both sides of the front a sliding door in the middle and a rear door that allows everyone to enter and out easily.

Automatic Transmission to Convenience

Enjoy the ease of an automated transmission during on long trips. It alleviates strain on drivers by allowing rapid acceleration, strength, and torque multipliers for an easier journey.


The perfect road trip cannot be complete without music. Our 12 passenger van rental boston are equipped with high-quality stereo systems that include CD players and AM/FM that ensure a relaxing and enjoyable ride for all passengers.

Dual A/Cs for Personal Comfort

Dual air conditioning allows passengers to have different temperatures. This means all passengers can enjoy an enjoyable journey even on scorching summer days.

MetroWest Offers 12 Passenger Van Models in Boston

ford transit passenger van Boston

It is the Ford Transit, a 12 passenger van, that increases your comfort and convenience during your journey. With features such as cloud-based connectivity, voice command conversational recognition, and improved navigation, it keeps you up-to-date about parking options as well as traffic and weather conditions.

ford transit passenger van

Chevrolet express passenger van Black

Its Chevrolet express passenger van is a great option for traveling with a group. It is renowned for its comfort and safety and ample space for cargo and legroom. Options like rear AC, a rear vision camera, as well as a myriad of security alerts, ensure it is a safe option.

Why choose our 12 Passenger van in Massachusetts?

There are a lot of advantages to hiring a van with 12 seats to consider.

Traveling with your family

One of the main advantages of a large van is the possibility to travel together and create numerous memories. You can invite your relatives as well as your neighbors, friends, and other family members to have a park or to a wedding ceremony, religious site and other events. Imagine the amount of entertainment you could share under one roof.


12 people who are friends need to get to the same place however they have to take 3 different vehicles to get to the location. Isn’t it more practical to rent a single car instead of spending money on fuel and road tax for 3 different vehicles? This will not only save you fuel, but it also protects your vehicle from wear and tear that could occur.

time saving

If a group of friends or family members have to travel to the same location the most common thing that happens is that one group waits patiently for another group to arrive and then moves on. This takes up a lot of time and also delays the date of the event which can affect the mood of the other groups. However, with the 12 passenger van rental Boston , all of you can travel together and arrive simultaneously. This means you don’t have to wait around and you can enjoy the journey with your friends.

Office trips

Planning an office-based team-building event? If so, you’re in the right spot. Office trips are usually planned to support an event that requires planning and discussion between team members. A van with 12 seats gives the same thing, giving everyone traveling time to discuss and plan their belongings while traveling to their destination. Furthermore, it improves collaboration among team members, which is a necessity for team members as well as an organization’s growth.

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Begin your United States adventure in comfort as well as space and comfort. Our vans for 12 passengers are specifically designed to accommodate families and groups of friends and teams. Explore the historical charm of the USA and its famous places, and take pleasure in your journey with a 12-passenger van that is a good fit for your companions and budget.

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