Five Golden Rules for Car Service Tipping

The gesture of giving tips to workers in service-providing industries has been known to receive opposing views as to whether it is necessary or not. Our Metro West Car Service team receives a question or two from clients about the proper etiquette for car service tipping. Thus, for your enlightenment, here are some tipping guidelines from our very own professional drivers:

  1. Amount

Usually, 15-20% or around $2-$3 is the ideal amount of car service tipping, especially for big cities like Boston. But if you are availing taxi service in a different country, try to research whether it is customary for locals to give car service tips or if they do not deem it necessary. Likewise, it is also better and more convenient to give tips that are already converted to their particular currency. This way, the driver will be saved from the trouble of looking for the nearest ATM or paying additional fees to have the money converted.

  1. Tipping in Excess

Oftentimes, people coming from a rich background tend to overtake. While excessive car service tipping is generally not something that drivers complain about, there are still others who might find it insulting to receive overcompensation for their services. Some might even think that you are stupid for having no idea how to tip well. To avoid this, always keep in mind that tips are by no means a way to bribe drivers and other personnel in exchange for good service. Rather, it is given as a reward for their outstanding performance in ensuring that all your needs and requirements are dutifully met and fulfilled.

  1. Gratuity

Etiquette-wise, not tipping is a huge no-no. In cases where a different party booked a car service for you, do not hesitate to ask the driver if the gratuity was already paid in advance. By doing so you would know whether to add 10 or 15% more for gratuity. Always make sure your driver receives at least 15-20% Tips for a job well done at all times.

  1. Assessing Your Personal Experience

Metro West Car Service recognizes the fact that subjective judgment also plays a role in how customers evaluate their traveling experience, regardless of how good or bad the service was. Was the driver of your Logan Airport shuttle courteous enough to assist you in carrying your bags? Did the driver hold the shuttle for you? Were you fetched at your designated location promptly? How convenient was your driver’s speed and background regarding your target destination? If you believe that your driver did well and deserves more than the standard 15-20% tip, then it is up to you to make the necessary additions for the excellent assistance you received. On the other hand, etiquette expert Lizzie Post suggests that even if you received bad service, you should still give the customary 15%. Afterward, you can speak to the manager and inform them about your unhappiness. For Boston Car Service Your feedback will leave a bigger impression on the management and they will all the more take the necessary action to address your concern.

  1. Cost-effective Benefits

You may not realize this, but car service tipping also helps diminish the wage gap. Although some think that they are not obligated to pay extra for a task they can do on their own, workers who belong to service-providing categories with low wages also depend on the tips that they receive. For instance, a cab driver’s day-to-day income is largely comprised of customers’ tips. Giving the appropriate amount of car service tips will also help you in securing outstanding transportation services in the future.

All in all, think of car service tipping as a more elaborate way of expressing your gratitude for being safely and conveniently transported to your desired location. At Boston Car Service, we are consistent in securing the welfare and satisfaction of our clients through delivering world-class transportation assistance day in and day out. To learn more about our services, dial 1-877-693-7887 or (508) 969-1003.