If you are looking for a car tour from Buffalo to Boston by road, then there can be many chances to make your road trip excellent and favorable for you. You can consider some points on which you can stay and enjoy your journey via road. We are presenting you with the 25 surprising facts about the road trip Buffalo to Boston, including the locations and other points of attraction.

You can choose the things and points according to your suitability and the weather conditions in which you are traveling. As the distance from Buffalo to Boston is about 455 miles, that will be approximately 7 hrs. 10 minutes if you have a road trip. So make your trip memorable for you.

We will present you with 25 different locations during your road trip; these locations are chosen based on other things and people’s experiences about these locations. This includes attraction points, cafes, family restaurants, museums, shopping centers, historical places, places related to art and culture, etc.

Buffalo to Boston

Here are Surprising Facts About Road Trip Buffalo

1. Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum

This is the point that has rooms and rests house, and the place is famous for the murder of Lizzie, that remains open from morning till night and provides the facility of enjoying breakfast in the museum so its a good breakfast point. This museum is free to visit, and tourists visit this place daily

2. Gillette Stadium

This is also another point between Buffalo and Boston and the best visit if you are having a tour with your friends. You can visit this place by hiring a Gillette Stadium car service to enjoy different concerts that are hosted there. This stadium is large and has become a place of attraction for visitors.

3. Martha’s Vineyard

This is the point that is famous for visitors for fast ferry. You can visit and enjoy the facility of the ferry there. This will be an excellent point to enjoy the ferry with family and friends. The faster ferries to Martha’s Vineyard are available so enjoy these ferry transportation services.

4. Roger Williams Park Zoo

Roger Williams Park Zoo offers the place of attractions and also green space for visitors. People will enjoy different things there, including ponds, flowers, statues, etc. Children will like to visit this place while having a road trip from buffalo to Boston.

5. Mystic Aquarium

Mystic Aquarium is a place where you can see different aquatic habitats in a charming and attractive Aquarium. The marine animals include penguins of Africa, sharks, and sea lions. This is a very interactive place to visit during your journey.

6. Mystic Museum and Seaport

Mystic Museum and Seaport offer you the opportunity to enjoy the settlement in front of the waterfall and historical places. This is an attractive place for visitors who like to enjoy the power and beauty of water.

7. Old Sturbridge Village

This sizeable outdoor museum offers visitors a rural depiction of New England.

8. Six Flags

Six Flags is an amusement park in New England that offers rides to enjoy classical and modern tastes. This includes a waterpark with slides to enjoy with children.

9. Yankee Candle

This place is nice to visit and to enjoy dinner there. The beauty and charm of these places are

increased with the number of candles that are enlightened to increase attractiveness there.

10. The Mark Twain House and Museum

This place is an open Museum for tourists and daily visitors. This point is the house of Mark Twain, the site where he created his famous character, so this is a place of attraction for visitors.

11. Lake Compounce

If you are traveling through Buffalo to Boston car service with your family, you can enjoy this road tour by visiting Lake Compounce. Here, you will enjoy a roller coaster ride and many other things in an amusement park.

12. Clark Art Institute

It is a museum with antique art designs and paintings from the 19th century. This shows the art culture and history of America.

13. Norman Rockwell Museum

This museum and place is the hub of historical and artistic pieces. These creative pieces are original and collected there for people.

14. New York State Museum

This museum is a prominent place for memories of historical events. If you like to see the memorials of 9/11 and the carousel of 1890, you can visit this place.

15. Lake George

Lake George is a small town on the side of the lake; this town includes a museum, a mountain, and a forest. So it’s a worth seeing place for those who love to spend some time in the company of nature.

16. Saratoga Race Course

This is the place of track for racers, there is annually a great race there, and other racing events are also organized on different days.

17. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum are the two in one place for having fun in a museum or to enjoy an outstanding stock of books in the library.

18. Howe Caverns

This is a famous point of attraction for tourists; people can enjoy the adventure of caving there without any special training, etc.

19. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

If you like to know the history of games, especially basketball, you can visit this museum. It will offer you about  38,000 plus articles that will present you with the past and glory of the place.

20. Erie Canal Cruises

You can have an experience of boat riding and can enjoy dinner there.

21. Turning Stone Resort Casino

This casino is a collection of different hotels and restaurants there, which you can enjoy during your road trip to Boston.

22. Greek Peak Mountain Resort

This place is for nature lovers, and is best to visit because it offers excellent amusement with different hotels and dining places.

23. Destiny USA

This place is a large shopping mall that also offers indoor dining and bowling there.

24. Robert H. Treman State Park

This park is best for having amusement; you can visit this place through limo service Boston if you like hiking and camping alongside the waterfall.

25. Watkins Glen State Park

You can enjoy nature and will surely love to see the waterfall there.